S.1253 The Proposal That Could Change the Vapor Industry

Numbers that you may not recognize but will certainly change the vaping landscape, S. 1253, better known as the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act. Already passed by the US Senate and awaiting a vote by Congress, this bill was proposed under the guise of stopping online sales to minors, but has some unintended consequences. In short, S. 1253 bans USPS from the shipment of any vapor products, and makes a signature required for delivery of vapor products when using another carrier.

While the connotation that minors are accessing vapor products online seems like a valid excuse for new legislation, congress seems to forget about the most vulnerable populations. Adults without local vapor retailers will be left with only a few options: pay significantly more to have their favorite products shipped to them through another carrier, or return to combustible cigarettes. 

Coronavirus closures have proven how vital the online vapor market is in keeping a steady supply flowing to people in more remote areas. The uptick in online sales in 2020 proves that vapers are a force to be reckoned with, and vape shops designation in many states as non-essential forced many to pivot to online sellers to maintain their vape supply. 

Most people, including myself, have spent ample time online shopping for higher-end set ups, or new gear that the local shops may not have access to yet. Spending $4 to $5 for shipping isn't much of a burden, however if S. 1253 were to pass, the potential $15 to $20 in shipping and signature fees would turn most of us away from the web.

It's important to let local representatives know how damaging this bill could be, CASAA has been spearheading the fight against this for consumers and more information from them can be found here.


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